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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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our on-line question. we're didn't have a good night, "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: tonight on "making money," living up to the billing, less than 3 weeks into the show. i have a ton of grand slams, i will not always be right, but so far the track record is amazing. million dollar ferraris and lamborghinis all sold out. and million dollar condos, can't keep up, and tiffanys, the blue boxes are out. i will do something special tonight. i know i give millennials a hard time on the show. a lot of advice that misses simplest of points.
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i am going to help, more on that in a bit. but for now, let's go make some money. charles: i am charles payne, welcome to "making money," right now, i am going to help you make money by investing in the stock market. here is help us our investor pros. >> lefties' you to hate the wealthy we should be celebrating them. charles: tracy? >> a lot of people give up their citizenship to save tax dollars, it is driving me nuts, i can't imagine doing it can you? >> america is not only thing people are giving up ostock market, there are too many people on the sidelines. charles: we'll talk about, that kate, our social media guru.
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>> everyone is buzzing about janet yellen, i know you think she was a snoozeer today but people are talking. >> i love her. charles: work on cadence. you love her because she is old school brooklyn. >> how could you not. charles: we'll say it again, this is not day trading, not downtown to the crash, the idea of successfully investing and building your wealth is to have a portfolio overtime, we'll help you manage your portfolio, the real-real deal,y find nuggets to help you make money. dig in. fedex delivers packages, they reported this morning, they deliver to 90% of the world's gdp, they have a good pulse on the global economy. they tell a story of a world still healing, u.s. economy could below the cusp of a strong
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surge. their operating margins almost 8% from less than 6%, they are known as less than truckload, a reflection of on-line shopping. this company, also getting away with new pricing scheme. not only price delivery by weight, and size. it has a big imact on things, toilet paper 37% more expensive, men's running shows only 5% more. but nevertheless, they are getting away with it. he'sa. a -- had report from fedex, what does this tell you about the economy?
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that means more small business and business in stkwhrep generat to export their merchandise, people are buying more on-line. people are buying more and exporting more as small businesses. charles: fedex at a new all-time hot. >> janet yellen could talk until the sun comes up tomorrow, i don't care what she has to say. i would rather look at what ceo of fedex said that the gdp would be, he said pretty good growth. charles: 2% or 3%. >> but he does not make policy decisions, i think that janet yellen has got it going on. charles: we'll do a yellen session later on. >> to your fedex points, you say what you want, no one is making
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policy decision based on this stkphra.charles: but are you exy fact that if fedex is going well, it says something about the economy. >> we've been down this road before with fedex and ups, we have told this story a bunch of times then nothing. charles: they raise their guidance for next year, if you look beneath the surface. >> i was reading on-line shopping up this year, if that is not a good indicate or, i don't know what it. charles: tracy, you shop on-line every day. >> blowing the whistle, open payne's investment playbook. this morning mortage stanley -- morgan stanley, over weight rateing onnism else storage. -- nimble storage.
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it was number one. up 23%. but this is from close of night i mentioned them not beginning of show. yy was down today. anyway, up pretty good. i say that, gold is not the goal is not fast trading but to help you make a lot of money. if you have a stock up 20% for the week, make profits, go ahead. and ideas i say, same thing. i like all of these stocks long-term but i can't control your temperament, iq measures intelligence, eq measures emotions, even the smartest people can make the worst decisions. considering kind of gains you have had so far, you should be
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thrilled, tell your friends and family, our number are great, they should be better. all right now to real deal. talk about the gains, you like half the names. you liked nimble on monday. >> no you said you have to be nimble on charles: there you go. >> you did say that. >> i did watch it this morning, at the end i said i liked it. charles: first trick of analyst on tv, deal both sides of the trade. >> i'll give it to you. funny story, i was doing another show earlier, i asked some of the people how they thought the show was, two say i watch it for charles picks, and i said if you are writing those down you are making a lot of money, i will say, when you get twe% 23% in a2
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weeks, i am a long-term guy took sometimes god gives you a gift, take that 23%, be happy with it get out. out. >> a guy on-line, i like your idea on nimble, no risk, no reward, you're the man. >> but risk and reward. what do you tell people. this is not a johnson & johnson you keep in our portfolio forever. these are risky stops? >> we talk about -- my problem with stop losses on volatile stocks, you get stopped out, two days later it is up 20 points, have you continued to back the eq. they are volatile before you go into them. >> do you play a mental game with yourself, okay i'm up 20%, have to take half off. charles: you can do that, if
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that helps you sleep at night,er say i think it will be a great stock, when google went public it went over a hundred, back to low 80s, somebody got stopped out and never got back in. >> who would be an ideal 57 to be a -- person to be a part of this stock, i am almost interested in yelp now. >> you have to take your portfolio, you know, sometimes we change it up depending on how old you are, but the problem when you put in just buy one stock, i have been getting tweets with people seems they are doing one idea, they don't work out then they ask about biomed or about the another one, like they -- the way they ask, almost think they think that companies are going out of, no they did 2 20 billion last year, they will do 40 billion this year, but to your points they should balance it out, do not all high-risk stuff.
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you should do some. >> we're i not just throwing all ticker symbols, we're explaining the company, why we believe in it. coming up, every day on the show, we encourage you to make a give ring, focus on investing in empowerment, you do, that it enhances your life, and it gives you the ability to enhance the lives of others, stay with us, we're going to try to make you some money. ♪ jump around ♪ skwrupljump ♪ up ♪ jump ♪ [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good.
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medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased sk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. >> may introduce risk taking behavior that for example entails excessive build up in leverage or maturity extension, um, things that can pose risks to financial stability later on, that is a concern to me. and to the committee.
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charles: all right. let's get real, real deal now on yellen's comments. index has not moved up or down more than 1%, y2k i -- i don't think it is a sign of ominous, i think a lot of people who buy stock are considering it more -- i think that people who buy stocks and consider buying stocks that is risk, i think it is ironic, term is incorrect, not owning stocks is a guarantee you will not keep up with inflation, you won't build wealth, i think they used to incorrectly. only thing that scares me is when so many talking heads jump on the bandwagon, after yellen finished, all naysayers jumped
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on the bandwagon and said we'll be up because the fed is onboard. they have always been onboard! tracy, talk about yellen, market and the economy. because you think she is more important than fedex. >> no, i do think she is the one that makes the decisions at the end of the day, she has marching orders, fed's marching orders to let things move along right now. charles: if we took a field trip to garden state mall, and grabbed first 100 people we saw, and asked did janet yellen influence you this week? >> that is not it you talk about the market. what influences the market, fedex oriol or does yellen. i think she is delightful. she will serve you lemon ai aidf you go to her house. i understand, as far as main
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street economy you are right, but traders? traders? charles: key world tradeer. >> main street heard interest rates are not going anywhere until 2015, they will just chug along. >> i thought she just stayed to script, i do not expect much. >> nobody did. charles: she did break the record on ums, i am joking. >> i think that the president breaks that record he says uma lot. charles: and he has a teleprompter. >> to look at economy from view points of people buying into it right now, consumer spending 70% of gdp, yo you can talk and loot people making policies but it comes down to how people are spending, i walk the malls every weekend. charles: no doubt that fed policy influences a stock market. at the end of the daymarket goes where spending goes, and profits are created.
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let's blow the whistle again. back to the investment playbook, and you know, we have talked about it a lot. about the plights and difficulties and all challenges that at-this-point, they seem to have paralyzed the millennial set, it was under scored by a survey by ubs, asking them a lot of questions, they found, when they are doing with their cash, they are holding on to it. they have 52% in cash, 23% is in a stock market. there are kids coming up behind the millennials, i think they are blazeing a real impressive trail, they create economic opportunities, they use their own world as a backdrop, youtube stars, then story on teen who opened world's first pawn shop for $15,000 sneakers, and a new version of a von sales women -- avon sales women, now, for
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nonyoutube stars, going from high school to workforce, i have advice for you, a couple weeks ago, i came home, my god son of in housewareing a suit and a black shirt, he just came from a job interview it bothered me, that he did not know to where a white shirt, he said down have one, i decided i wanted to help, any new york city teen graduateed from high school straight to job market, if you don't have enough money to get a white dress shirt go to porta bale on white planes road, ask for dr. manuel, i have prepaid for 50, you will get a shirt, and a tie and a hankey too. also, if you can bring your resume i am going to have a lot of experts look at them, but it is not conditional on that. no one said wear a white dress shirt. no one said go clean shaven, no
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one said, if appointment is at 9:00 show up at 8:20. >> i am to say, white dress, what about ladies? >> i know. charles: i don't know how to handle ladies. ladies. it looks like the set after the millen y'alls might be breaking through this malaise. >> i love this idea, for 16 to 19-year-old jobless rate is down 19%. it was up 25% last year, they are finding more jobs. charles: because they are participating? >> summer jobs. >> you have to go out, work hard, present yourself properly, and find the right job for yourself. charles: a lot don't know, i know we bust their chops but they lot don't know. >> economy has changed. when we were kids everyone had a "9 to 5" job they wore a navy blue suit, today you look at guys like mark zuckerberg shows
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up with a hoody on, the kids think that is okay, it depends on where they are interviewing, in an accounting firm you better put a white shirt on. charles: but you would not get hurt if you interviewed at a computer company. >> i don't care where you interview, you should have a white shirt, and a suit it shows you want that job, you went out of way to do it, i think it shows something as an employers charles where are those shorts. >> portabella, on white plains road, they are great shirts, a got a deal, i hope i have to buy more than 50. >> so, you know, again, we're starting to see good things to your points, summer jobs are picking up. you know one time i used f word on tv we -- tracy and i and stewart varney, the topic was summer jobs and congress removing money, if we could fbi find a way to get our kids a taste of
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capitalism. >> you know we'll see real influence in the teen retailers when teens make more money in summer you will see that income go to the spending for back-to-school. charles: i had my summer job, i could not wait to buy my back-to-school clothes. >> first investment idea, global economy with a huge market share, wait for it -- infant formula. that is right. population. keeps increasing. get ready to put your money no the mouth of babes.
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charles: time for my first vist 78 idea of show, mead johnson, poiseed for dra dramatic growth. i want to give you an investment lesson on top down investing, we bin with a macro view. looking at the world, in a recent earning quarter, company increased sales you can see in asia 9 percent, latin america 21%, and north ame europe 9%. they were shaken down a little bit in china, this number in asia would have been higher, start with the world, the world looks phenomenal, now company specific, edward mead johnson started this company over a hundred years ago, his son ted had a life threatening heart condition, he figured out a way
6:26 pm
to eat this food, he came up with baby formula. they posted a buck 0 one. and future, company already had top market share, in infant formula in china, mexico, all of latin america. stock at top right now, i don't see real resistance. potential for company, is huge. look at this. latin america birth rate 17%, 12% of kids get baby formula. my target is, 110 bucks, i want to see what our pros think about this one. >> well, you talk to a woman who used a lot of formula. charles: that is why i came to you first. >> the stuff is darn expenseive. >> would you vest in this?
6:27 pm
>> heckia, we're feeding the world is enough. >> charles always saying if you buy something, 3 times, you are the unofficial spokesperson, people are not stoping having babies. >> this is great but fundamental don't jive with it, it is a bit overvalued in my opinion. >> tracy? you recorded that? >> this just in president squashed that idea of a tax repatriation holiday, more american companies join more american citizens say so long, and billions of dollars and a lot of jobs going along for the ride. in case you have not heard, stay with us, the name of game is "making money." wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase.
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charles: welcome back, now we'll get to our policy of misfortune. record amount of people joining fortune 500 companies and leaving u.s. for foreign nations, it is disappointing when anybody gives up on america, dud not tracha rocket scientist to figure out most are doing it to avoid taxes, but huge corporation when they move they go offshore take billions of dollars that never comes back. lawmakers they were talking about trying to change that get a repatriation holiday going that was big news last week, compromise some cash to fix roads but shock of all shockers, president obama is not into it. tracy i understand when corporate america does it. there there are 3.7 billion
6:32 pm
words in the tax code, you cannot fix one of them, this needs to be junked and used as a doorstop, they are a code of political favors. then you get little small mom and pops, they don't own lobbyists they pay top dollar. >> we went back and fort over this repatriation, the companies are sitting on trillion of dollars kind of acting like bratty kids who' their way. charles: you pay your taxes? >> yes. charles: would you like to pay them twice? >> no. charles: that is right. >> it is your money, you work hard for. charles: the company or people? kwraerbl thi can't believe the d amount of people leaving.
6:33 pm
>> i am with you but i can't blame them, when it comes down to money, and if that what they are bthe government needs to change policy. >> two things going, federal tax rate, and state tax rate, sheae they are slammed multiple times, the people leaving they move to a country like spain and italy, it is worse if they establish a business there policies there are not in favor of small businesses either, not -- i am a first generation, i would not announce by citizenship either but the grass is not really greener. charles: you politicians call them unpatriotic but it is a smart business decision. >> it is, but they should stay here. charles: i want to ask, if u.s. individual tax rate was tphaoeupblgt90%would you consid?
6:34 pm
>> what? >> if it were. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> i am not. >> open a page from payne's investment playbook talk about this some more. a heart this deceives wicket ballots is one of the search deadly sins, robert rice, continue to -- policy that would hurt the poor, people at bottom more than those than people at top, they cite record sales of lamborghinis and ferraris and billion dollar condos, and record-breaking sales at tiffany, rice asked. at wh what points does this inve a revolution? you take that emotion you channel it to aspirations.
6:35 pm
it is despicable when politicians use it to spark anger. in process he said that capitalism does not work, america has reached its peak, regular people don't have what it takes. they don't have internal fortude to pick themselves up, this kind of thinking is more harmful to the economy. you know in old europe, conspicuous consumption was something to people frowned on. back then only the king and his friends had money, we turned up that side down, we should celebrate it. >> this is people hating on the rich is part of the problem. reason why we're so great, we celebrate the rich. we should be happy for them, we should aspire to be like them.
6:36 pm
we say oh, america is not like it was 50 years ago this is why. >> it wasn't, it isn't like it was, in the day, kennedys and rockefellers, they were revereed, people wanted to be like those guy, now you have an administration saying that is evil, you don't' that, you should be beaten down and take handouts. that leads to a downward war spiral, having phone does not mean -- having money does not mean you are better, it means you are more inspired to do things in life. charles: we have this baseball player that we like makings there are sweat million not a bad thing, we -- $28 million a year, we love them, but if it is a guy on wall street we hate them. >> the left wing are accused of envying the rich, i am not, of their wealth, i am envyous of their unfair power and influence.
6:37 pm
charles: i have to tell you that unfair power and unfluence could not getterinot get cantor back . >> it allows them to get lobbyists so they get tax breaks that is what small businesses can't do. >> that is why we have a push for $15 an hour min mull wage, people who want, that they are living paycheck to paycheck, they don't feel that -- >> that is -- no. >> they don't see it that way. >> that is hypocrisy. charles: that will keep down there. >> it will. >> leonardo dicaprio in the white house yesterday, rallies for safety ocean, why not villainize him, he villainize the bankers. charles: i do worry about the economic impact of this i think a company that is focused so
6:38 pm
much on minimum wage, and redistribution of money, that -- >> it was not like this until this stupid hank paulson 700 billion dollar thing started, then the banks became evil. >> wages are flat, people feel, that they don't feel there is upward mo builty. >> they don't aspire for that upward mobility. charles: envy, you know, most of us have some sort of case of envy, you can channel it make it ans spiring a or hate the -- as pierlation or hate the rich. charles: if you have been paying attention, recommendation have been going well, i hope to keep it up, stay right there if you want to make some money. when folks think about what they get from alaska,
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charles: let's get to second stock idea of the show, tweet asking for three dividend ideas we did that last week, but i give you one. mlp . a midstream company focused on natural gas liquids. all of the tanes, they gather, compress and treat and process, they transport the ngls and they are fantastic. mostly land rigs, 491 in the
6:43 pm
area. they are well set, stock right now it is at highs but i consider it inexpensive particularly compared to others in the industry, a market cap of 8 billion means it a real small fish, room to grow or room to be gobbleed up. >> i love me some butane. there are a lot that i have owned for years. charles: master limited partners. >> they invest in pipelines. and such a big dividend, investor love that you get exposure to energy, and bringing in a big dividend, they are typically not as volatile as a normal stock. e we were talkings to these too. about who should own the high beta names, certainly, you are protecting wealth but you still' upside they have been perfect. >> i am surprised that matt didn't say look at the chart,
6:44 pm
the chart is great. up 30% year-over-year. charles: up a lot, i still think it will go up more, one thing, i have not done a lot of dividend payers on this show, i am glad to get the tweet. >> look a at at -- you get 4 1/h this, would you rather lend u.s. money for 10 years, at 2. 6% or invest in this. charles: not really, with my 90% tax rate. i'm loving this interaction with everyone watching, have you been tweeting, we love it, you have been hitting facebook page, we are always happy to answer the questions, kate, you have good ones today. >> love this one, nick wrote, i am a 19 yeares-year-old investoi have been following fire eye, what caused a large drop, why it
6:45 pm
could potentially climb back up. up. charles: i love you nick, 19 years old, it was a rocket ship that got ahead of itself, it made a big move up, i got in before target breach, you remember that, the big news target, that sense all these stocks inch involveed in the security stuff to moon, the insiders, the ceos and big timer who run the company they sold million the worth of stock, why worp the were they selling? everyone thought the worse stock came down, stock got overdone but the fear does linger. i provid are tried to pick the , i was early, my past purchase up 39%, but, i think it is an amazing company, i think that stock going to go higher, but i
6:46 pm
cannot guarantee it won't continue to be a wild ride. >> great, model, if you look to buy the stock before the run, this is a heck of a pullback to buy into. charles: do you know how many times i tried to cash the bottom of that 3u8 back. >> you have to have a strong stomach for a stock like this, if you hold true it will be great. charles: they are a best company at what they do, there no doubt, i think that they will live up to that lofty goal, when they kicked steve jobs out of apple, he hireed that guy, celly, to -- celly to help him run the company, and he kicks him out, and steve jobs sold all of his stock but one share, i sold all my apple, i never got back in this was a huge mistake. people need continued to, sometimes they get ahead, and they get hammered. we have any kind of questions, post them to facebook page.
6:47 pm
or tweet me. use the hash tag, ask payne. >> now a shout out. >> hold on. >> from he today, you gave he a shout on the yesterday, now to you. charles: do you have to give you the money back? >> yes. i pick stocks for a living, a tough busines to do. watch what you have done last 2 1/2 weeks, how many winners have you picked in the market, doing well, explaining the answers educateing on the way, my shout out to you, educateing and making money. charles: i just' people to do the ideas not one at a time, build a portfolio, they are not always going to be right but that is just it, we're geting it judgeing from tweets and e-mails upeople are figuring it out, they are afraid. >> we want to watch? >> go i to a baptist church
6:48 pm
there is no robot that can give that sermon. >> message is clear. >> if you get attack -- did you get attacked by a robot as a child? >> i always love robot movies. >> terminator? >> my favorite was day the earth stood still, i always fascinateed with them, but you know, i am not only one, right? >> you are not. >> charles, smart guys that are scared but now you know why you e-mail us show ideas in the middle of the night because you don't sleep. >> a fear of robots. >> ibm making barbecue sauce now that you are scared. >> i tell you, he used all natural ingredients. charles: all right our next story, really going to who you away. -- blow you away, this inspiring aal story about a calml a famil6
6:49 pm
kids in college by age 12, i hope it inspires you. our exclusive american success, it is next.
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charles: today story of american success comes by montgomery, alabama. mona lisa and kip harding are your typical american sweethearts, they met in high school, and went to prom, and got engaged a few weeks later, hardings have 10 kids.
6:53 pm
let's be honest that is a big time accomplishment. their ages are from 3 to 26, the real kicker, 7 of those 10 started college by the time they were 12 years old, i know what you are thinking they must have some sort of special gene they are geniuss, their parents deserve a lot of credit, mona lisa and kip inspired their children to have a thirst for learning, they decided to home school their oldest daughter in third great, it went so well, they decided to do all kids, they were all learning at a faster rate than other kids. now hardings credit fact their kids were able to learn at their own pace, in hardings case it allowed them to encourage their kids to study more things and soon they outgrew all of the assigned material for kids their own age, they kept signing up preteen kids to college courses, and next thing, we have a
6:54 pm
amazing story. three of oldest are engineer, architect, and one of the navy's youngest doctors, younger on way to becoming a computer scientist, compose skper say er and a scholar, 11-year-old in college, thinking about be coming a lawyer, the entire harding family, we salute you, you are fantastic, if you know anyone an american success, we love to hear the story, post on my facebook page. we will salute them right here on "making money." so, markets had a big day after yellen said, this is okay i'm not rocking the boat. what will move the market tomorrow? you are in the hot seat.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
when folks think about what they get from alaska,
6:57 pm
they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
6:58 pm
♪ ♪ of. charles: i have to watch this again. okay, it's getting hot in here. what will move the market tomorrow? fifteen seconds. you are of first. >> tomorrow morning, analysts are expecting a downgrade of about 25 cents per share. but we did find out that blackberry had their big smartphone announcement today. he won a friend of mine, they loaded up on this he said blackberry is going to have this revamp. >> the majority is expecting a huge by. we're talking about teenagers. we are we're going to be spending a ton when it comes to holidays in january. watch for wal-mart.
6:59 pm
charles: all right, nothing like a cartoon and copy. [applause] >> continue to watch the utilities sector. a lot able pouring money into this. what does that tell you? $1.2 billion according to the funds of the last five days. beyond it is not just over jubilation about that. >> when they come out with earnings committee expected to increase for the first time. increasing by 10%. announced earlier this week and what i see about this is a software boom savon anytime you go to this, it can be really interesting. >> so another media says your
7:00 pm
new program should be a mandatory course in high schools and colleges. >> absolutely. and watching my man, lou dobbs. he is coming up next. making money with charles payne, keep it right here on fox business. >> good evening, everyone, i am ashley webster in for lou dobbs. president obama looking to both parties in both houses today. president obama is considering an additional unit of 100 special form forces in iraq, the assignment to build up intelligence levels on the islamic state of iraq.